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Hassle Free
Mail Forwarding For:

  • RV'ers: Full & Part-Time
  • Travelling Nurses
  • Business, Diplomats & Military
  • OTR Truckers
  • Contractors / Pipeline Workers
  • Protecting Your Identity
  • It's the first step in gaining South Dakota residency

Benefits of South Dakota Residency:

  • No State Income Tax
  • No Inheritance Tax
  • No Personal Property Tax
  • No Vehicle Inspections
  • New / Used Vehicle Tax only 4%
  • Low cost vehicle/RV Registrations

Call Toll Free: 1-800-419-1690

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Your Best Addressbecome a south dakota residentSouth Dakota residency mail forwarding

Our Hassle Free 24/7 Mail Forwarding
One Size Fits All for only $12

  • Unlimited packages of any size
  • Digital Mailbox upgrade available
  • Ship weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or on a custom schedule
  • Need specific items scanned? Call us anytime
  • Check & manage your postage balance anytime
  • $1 handling fee per shipment, no hidden fees!
  • Instant email notification of outgoing mail
  • Full tracking via the major carriers
  • Update your forwarding address anytime for free
  • Increase shipping speed on important packages for free
  • Free Shredding of unwanted mail for maximum privacy
  • We can deposit checks that arrive in your mail. Contact us for more details!

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About Your Best Address

Your Best Address is a Mail Forwarding Service authorized by the U.S. Postal Service - owned and operated entirely out of downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  We cater to any long-term traveler: RV'ers, business, traveling nurses, diplomats, workers on temporary assignment and deployed military personnel.

This means we can receive your mail and forward it to you wherever you happen to be, according to your instructions. We're sure you will find our rates for this service are among the lowest around, and our quality of service is high.

If you have an especially important piece of mail coming we'll watch for it. We'll even read it to you over the phone if you ask, or scan it and send it to you by email. For worry free total security you get FREE SHREDDING of your unwanted junk mail!

Our $12 Mail Box is the First Step Towards Your South Dakota Residency

You get a street address and a mailbox number for your SD Drivers License and Vehicle Registrations

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Vehicle registration south dakotaSD resiency helpSouth Dakota Mail Forwarding

Check out these great advantages with

Your Best Address

  • Pay for 12 months at one time and get the 13th month FREE!
  • Free shredding of unwanted mail for your total security!
  • Free email notification of outbound mailings so you know it’s on the way.
  • Digital Mailbox upgrade available
  • No "annual membership" fees with Your Best Address.
  • No markup of postage, you pay actual postage.
  • No complicated definitions of "mailbox size" to worry about. Our monthly personal mailbox rental is one price and one size fits all regardless of mail volume.
  • No extra charge to handle things that won't fit in your mailbox.
  • No extra charge for accepting a piece of mail that has to be signed for, such as certified, insured, UPS, Overnight Express or proof of delivery.
  • No extra charge for "on demand" mailing service (mail sent only when you request it).
  • Earn a FREE month of mail service when you refer a new customer to us.
  • Lots of free advice and tips on everything South Dakota!

$12 mo. billed annually
$20 sign-up fee
$25 min postage balance
13th month free!
$189 + 6.5% tax & 2.9% processing fee =

If you have a question about anything - 

Please call us at 1-800-419-1690 or email us at:

Mail-In Sign Up Pack

South Dakota Vehicle Registration Forms

We can deposit your checks!
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"Thanks for your professional and unerring service. You have no idea what a relief it is to finally know where our mail is and that we can receive it safely and when we want it."

- Tom F.

"Thank you so much for your attention to detail and your patience through my many inquiring phone calls. "

- Norm D.

"You do an outstanding job and have saved us many gray hairs. "

- Joyce B.

"Yesterday I received the titles and am amazed at how smoothly the whole registration was carried out. I am more than pleased and look forward to receiving your services in the future. "

- Roelof V.

"Really appreciate your help in replacing our stolen license plates. Many thanks! "

- Al & Bonnie P.

"Thanks for all your help over the past 2+ years, we really do appreciate you and the service you provide. "

- Shari & Joel B.

"Thank you again, you're a lifesaver! "

- Mark & Rosanne S.

"The first year of being a full-timer we didn't realize there was this type of convenience and we spent that year missing mail deliveries, heated discussions with senders of our mail and totally losing important mail. My husband and I were talking last week of the relief it has been to have you manage all of these issues for us and how it has been worth every penny for the peace of mind. By the way, you have never once missed or incorrectly forwarded any of our mailings. Thanks muches!!! "

- Joyce F.

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