RV Registration

The SD RV Registration of your Motorhome is discussed below. Your first year fee is pro-rated, depending upon when you actually register your vehicle(s).

Need the Registration Fees for a Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel

For your Automobile?

You will immediately notice that South Dakota is very friendly to every type of RV!

Their fees are quite reasonable.

South Dakota does not require any type of vehicle inspection for safety or emissions. Nor does it charge any type of "Luxury Tax" on recreational vehicles - as many states are doing.

Your SD RV Registration Fees are even reduced by 30% if your vehicle is more than 9 years old!

Last Name and Issue Month Schedule

License plates are issued based on the first letter of your last name which then correlates to a particular month. For example, someone with the last name starting with a "J" will be required to renew their plates in March of each year.

A/B January; C/D/E February; F/G/J March; H/I/O May; K/L June; M/N July; P/Q/R August; S September; T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z November.

Your first year application will be a pro-rated fee based on the month of issue. Then, it will be a full year fee with your anniversary month always the same.

Your initial application and annual renewal of your Registration Fees can all be processed through the mail.

Set up your new address with us at

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and you are ready to enjoy all the great benefits of a South Dakota vehicle registration.

Give us a call - we are here to help you and answer all your questions.


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