Helpful SD Links

We just like to be helpful, so here’s a collection of helpful websites.

They will take you to tourist sites, fun sites and state government sites for information on drivers licenses, vehicle registration, voting requirements, camping, fishing, hunting and entertainment in South Dakota.

You betcha’! There really is a Deadwood, South Dakota! It ain’t as rip-roarin’ as it was in 1880 but the place is still a lot of fun! Click here and be transported to a site that’s worth looking at, just for the fun of it!

If you like archaeology digs, dinosaurs and such, you’ll love the Wooly Mammoth Archaeological Dig at Hot Springs, SD. Click here to go to an informative site about it.

South Dakota’s a great place to visit! Click here to visit the state official tourist information site. Its loaded with fun facts, event schedules and other helpful stuff.

South Dakota has the greatest pheasant hunting in the world. Click here to see the Game, Fish & Parks Department website and all you need to know about fishing and hunting requirements in South Dakota.

Click here to visit a website dedicated to South Dakota’s state parks.

Click here for everything you want to know about a South Dakota Driver’s License. See menu on left of their page.

Click here for South Dakota state voting requirements. Click here for voter info for Minnehaha County. (Your Best Address will be in Minnehaha County, Sioux Falls, SD.)

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