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Clients from your state save ~$1,450 on vehicle registration. Residency not required

$17/Month Mail Forwarding & South Dakota Residency

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Stop paying state income tax*. Save on vehicle registrations. Great for RV’ers, Traveling Nurses, ExPats, Military…

Clients from your state save ~$1,450 on vehicle registration. Residency not required

$17/Month Unlimited Mail & South Dakota Residency

We simplify any mobile lifestyle - RV’ers, Traveling Nurses, ExPats, and Military Members.
Stop paying state income tax* and save on vehicle registrations with Your Best Address.

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Friendly and Knowledgeable

5 stars
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They have made setting up our S. Dakota residency so easy! Getting our vehicles registered was so easy with Carl's help!
Written by Vicky W. Sep 2022

We've saved so much on vehicle registration.

5 stars
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We used “Your Best Address” after retiring and deciding to full time RV for a couple of years. They have done an outstanding job in registration of all our vehicles and handling of our mail. They were always courteous and professional.
Written by Jacque M. August 2022

Your Best Address has been a lifesaver

5 stars
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YBA is so easy to work with and they have made our transition so much easier. Wonderful people throughout. We had an opportunity to meet the owner and several members of the staff - all incredibly helpful and friendly.
Written by Derek Y. Dec 2021

Trusted, Local,
& Family-Owned

Our entire team works out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their dedication and commitment to customer service makes us…


trusted and local

South Dakota Residency Process…


Pick your plan, pay, and complete the online paperwork. Then we assign your new address

Visit for 1 Day

Spend 1 night in South Dakota and keep the receipt. Hotel or campground

Go to the DMV

Bring your YBA contract, receipt, & identification to any South Dakota DMV

Common Questions Answered

Is Your Service Suitable for digital nomads?

Digital nomads can benefit greatly from the services provided by Your Best Address. As a digital nomad, having a reliable mailbox and domicile is crucial for receiving important documents and establishing residency. Your Best Address offers mail forwarding services, state residency assistance, and even a Digital Mail add-on service that allows you to interact with your mail instantly from anywhere in the world. This means that digital nomads can have a physical address for important documents and packages, while also having the convenience of accessing their mail digitally. Additionally, South Dakota has no state income tax and low vehicle registration fees, making it an attractive state to establish residency.

Does your plan include a virtual mailbox?

Our digital mail add-on service is more than a virtual mailbox. We offer a complete solution for individuals and businesses who need a physical address. Your Best Address provides the best services for mail forwarding, state residency assistance, and vehicle registration assistance. Our virtual mailbox service is a great option for those who need a professional business address without the overhead costs of a physical office. With our service, you can easily manage your mail online, receive notifications when new mail arrives, and choose when and where you want it forwarded. Plus, our team of experienced staff members is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and making the mail forwarding process as smooth and painless as possible.

What is included in your mail forwarding service?

Our mail forwarding service includes sorting and shredding of your mail according to your specific requirements, and the convenience of shipping your mail anywhere you desire on a fully customized schedule, including an international mail forwarding service. We also offer an expat mail forwarding service, which can simplify your mobile lifestyle and provide flexibility in delivering your mail to the location of your choice. Additionally, we can accommodate the needs of military personnel who require a physical PMB address for their mail.

What is the difference between residency and a domicile?

Residency and domicile are two different concepts that are important to understand when it comes to Your Best Address's services. Residency refers to the place where you physically live and spend most of your time. It is where you have a physical address and where you receive mail and packages. On the other hand, domicile refers to the place where you have your permanent home and where you intend to return to after being away for a period of time. At Your Best Address, we specialize in helping individuals establish residency in South Dakota, which is a popular state for this purpose due to its favorable tax laws and low cost of living. By using our services, you can obtain a physical address in South Dakota, which can be used for a variety of purposes such as registering to vote, obtaining a driver's license, and opening a bank account. While we can assist with residency and domicile, we do not provide legal advice. Please check with your employer to see if you can benefit from domicile and residency in South Dakota

Does your PMB affect RV registration or vehicle registration in general?

Registering your vehicle in South Dakota can be a great option for those looking to save money on registration fees. South Dakota has some of the lowest registration fees in the country, making it a popular choice for vehicle registration. In addition, South Dakota does not have personal property or luxury taxes on RVs, which can also result in cost savings. When comparing registration fees by state, South Dakota consistently ranks as one of the most affordable options. Your Best Address can assist with the registration process, making it even easier for individuals to take advantage of these cost savings. Having a physical PMB address can be beneficial for those who need a permanent address for residency purposes. Your Best Address provides a physical PMB address, as well as vehicle registration assistance, making it a convenient option for those looking to establish residency in South Dakota.

Who commonly benefits from Mail Forwarding?

Our mail forwarding service is beneficial for expats, traveling nurses, RVers, and businesses. For expats, we provide a physical PMB address that can be used for various purposes, including receiving mail and packages from the US. This is especially useful for those who need to maintain a US address for tax or legal purposes. Additionally, our mail forwarding service allows expats to receive their mail anywhere in the world, providing flexibility and convenience. For RVers, our mail forwarding service provides a flexible and reliable way to receive mail while on the road. We can forward mail to any location, including campgrounds and hotels, making it easy for RVers to stay connected with their mail and important documents. Additionally, our South Dakota residency assistance can help RVers establish residency in a tax-friendly state. For businesses, our mail forwarding service can help streamline operations by providing a centralized location for mail and packages. This can be especially useful for businesses that operate remotely or have multiple locations. Additionally, our mail forwarding service can help businesses establish a presence in South Dakota, which has business-friendly tax laws and regulations.

Why Mail Forwarding?

We Give You a South Dakota Address

Use this new address for general mail, vehicle registration & residency

We Can Hold Your Mail

Mail forwarded to you on a custom schedule – where, when & how you want it

You Take It Easy

Change your mailing preferences anytime online or by phone. We’re here to simplify your mobile lifestyle

All plans include…


Pieces of mail per month


Secure shredding and junk mail reporting


Days of physical mail storage

Custom Schedule

Receive mail on any regular schedule or at request

Instant Notification

Anytime your mail is shipped, you get notified by email or text


Tacking information is automatically sent to you via email or text

Low Fees

$1.60 per USPS shipment
$2.67 for other carriers

Update Anytime

Change your address, schedule, and preferences online or by phone. Always free

Ship Anywhere

Homes, campgrounds, hotels, internationally or even to a Post Office via USPS General Delivery