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How Digital Mail Works

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Interact With Your Mail Instantly

Digital Mail is an add on service to your existing YBA subscription which allows you the freedom to conveniently view your mail from any smartphone or computer, anytime, without waiting for it to be physically forwarded. Take actions like “Scan”, “Shred”, “Forward”, “Deposit Check” and more. A Traditional Mail subscription is required.

Your Best Address virtual mailbox
A virtual mailbox can be added from an existing plan or during signup


Start A New Traditional Mail Plan. Or Add-on To An Existing Plan

Digital Mail is an add-on service for our clients. It can be added during initial sign up or at any time afterwards. New signups can add Digital Mail from the pricing page. Current clients can upgrade from their user portal.


Set Up Your Account

After signing up, we’ll create your account on our custom digital mail portal. This portal will give you the ability to view your mail and take actions such as checking and adding to your postage balance, changing your default address, and more.  For new accounts, it can take up to 7 business days before we begin scanning your mail.

Manage your digital mail from our client portal
manage your mail


Manage Your Mail

Your mail is scanned and updated daily. You get instant notifications when your mail is scanned by text or email. You can choose “Send”, “Shred”, “Save”, “Open & Scan” for every piece of mail in real-time. This can save you money on shipping, since you’ll save weight and size by sending only what you need. Open & Scan requests carry an industry standard $1.5 fee for the 1st page and 0.50 for each additional page

All plans include…


Pieces of mail per month


Secure shredding


Days of physical mail storage

Custom Schedule

Receive mail on any regular schedule or at request

Instant Notification

Anytime your mail is shipped, you get notified by email


Tracking information is automatically sent to you

Low Fees

$1.5 per USPS shipment 
$2.5 for other carriers

Update Anytime

Change your address, schedule, and preferences online or by phone

Ship Anywhere

Homes, campgrounds, hotels, internationally or even to a Post Office via USPS General Delivery