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Other Client Services 

Notary Service

YBA has two Notary Publics on staff, Desiree’ Hodges and Bill Linsenmeyer. If you need something notarized, we will handle it at no charge.

Registered Agent

Bill, the owner, is a Registered Agent with the State of South Dakota for clients who have or are setting up a business within the state. Having an onsite registered agent allows YBA to accept legal services if the client cannot attend to them in person. If a client is served legal papers, we immediately email a picture of them to the client and place the hard copy in your PMB.

- The cost is $133.13 per year, and invoices are sent out separately from mailbox invoices every January.
We can help clients set up their businesses with the Secretary of State if they need it.

Real Estate

If you are considering getting off the road, Bill has been a licensed Realtor in South Dakota for three years. Bill has access to a nationwide network of realtors. When you know where you want to settle, contact Bill, who will send you contact information for 2 – 3 licensed realtors he vets. And if you choose to buy real estate in South Dakota, Bill can help you with that personally.

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