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New Client Paperwork

Step 1: Submit paperwork online or by mail

You should have received an email with a link to the paperwork after signing up with your name and email.
To sign up again choose a plan here – click here

After submission we will review and approve your paperwork.
This can take up to 8 business days, but is typically done faster. After approval, a team member will contact you with your new address.


Submit by mail:

Requires notary and additional processing time. We recommend you try online submission first.

Print Forms & Fax / Email: Download Here
Printing and faxing / emailing forms instead of completing them online will increase processing time.
If you print the forms instead of filling online, you will have to get them notarized.

Fax / email / mail two ID photos to:
866-274-0490 /
Valid forms of ID includeDriver’s License, Military ID, Passport, Voter / Vehicle registration card, Vehicle Insurance card, Government or University ID card.
These forms of ID are NOT allowedSocial Security card, Credit Card, Birth Certificate
– You must include a photo of the entire ID


 – STOP –

Do not proceed until you have been assigned your PMB number. We will process your paperwork and contact you with your PMB number & legal South Dakota address within 8 business days. Questions? –

Once you have received the address from our team member, complete the last step of registration by filling out the following form 


Step 2: Change your address with USPS

Fill this out using your new YBA address. This is necessary for SD residency & vehicle registration.