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SD Vehicle Registration Calculator


Once you have a YBA physical mailbox number, you can register your vehicle in South Dakota. There are plenty of benefits for registering your vehicle in South Dakota. We charge a $197 fee for assisting clients with registration.

*The South Dakota vehicle registration cost calculator is only an estimate and does not include any fees from late registration. Actual cost may vary. For an exact estimate, select “interested in vehicle registration” when signing up for an account and our specialist Carl will schedule an appointment with you.

Estimate includes 4% tax. Some info on the tax rate - SD tax is 4% based on the purchase price and anything that’s a benefit to the vehicle (like warranties and add-ons) less any trade-in allowance, with additional penalty and interest if not registered within 45 days of purchase. At 45 days, they begin a 1% of tax due on top of tax due for every month not registered, with a one-time penalty of 10% tax due at 60 days. And any tax paid to another state gets credited if 4% or more, some states charge less than 4% and then the difference is due.

Click below to watch the video walkthrough

SD residency tutorial

Get a South Dakota address by signing up for a mailbox through YBA.

We’ll provide you with the legal forms and paperwork you need to change your residency / domicile state to South Dakota.

Schedule a meeting with our vehicle specialist Carl.

Talk one-on-one with our staff, who will walk you through exactly how to apply at the lowest possible tax rate. Appointment costs depend on your registration requirements. FMCA members get $100 off their 1st registration fee.

Pay the registration fees during your appointment or by phone.

Registration fees are based on Unladen Vehicle Weight and the age of the vehicle. Fees are lower for vehicles 10 years and older.

First Letter of Your Last Name:
Vehicle Class:
Vehicle Age:
Vehicle Weight (LBS):

Our local staff will help you every step of the way. Click above to get started.

Benefits of registering your vehicles in South Dakota

  • Saving money on registration costs, check out the Savings Estimate to see just how much you can save
  • You may not owe South Dakota’s 4% excise tax if you paid at least a 4% tax in another state
  • There are no personal property or luxury taxes on RVs.
  • There are no mandatory vehicle inspections
  • We make the process easy by using great customer service
  • We can register any motorhome, trailer, boat, motorcycle, car, or 5th wheel

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