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SD residents pay no state income tax. On top of this, your job will likely be over 50 miles from your SD address, so you’ll receive your full stipend!

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Get a South Dakota address by signing up for a mailbox through YBA

We’ll provide you with the legal forms and paperwork you need to change your residency / domicile state to South Dakota.

Unsure of your next address? We'll hold mail for you

Send any mail to your YBA box address when you’re not sure where your next job will be. Get your mail when and how you want it. 

Stop paying state income tax & always get your expense stipend

South Dakota is the perfect state for people on the move. You only need to visit for one night to receive residency and then reap the benefits for life! 

Benefits of Becoming a South Dakota Resident

Paperwork is available after sign up

Can be completed online, in person, or mailed-in

  • No state income tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • No personal property tax
  • Low, 4% vehicle registration tax
  • No annual vehicle inspections
  • Ability, but not obligation, to vote in local and state South Dakota elections

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Disclosure: We don’t give tax or legal advice. Decisions regarding income tax should be discussed with a licensed professional